From sample collection and laboratory testing to testing during travel,
we can assist with any of your COVID-19 testing needs.

On-Site Collection

Accelerated Clinical Laboratories provides our clients with on-site collection services for both COVID-19 rapid antigen testing and COVID-19 PCR testing. Our clinical staff of over 150 RNs and CNAs is available to assist in field collection services and can be deployed throughout Wisconsin and neighboring states to collect samples. Our teams follow current COVID-19 safety procedures and come prepared with the appropriate PPE and equipment. 

Covid-19 Testing

We can provide a customized COVID-19 testing strategy to meet your specific needs. Our unique and innovative mobile units can provide a test site almost anywhere within 24 hours of request!


Our skilled team of trained individuals assists patients in with over-the-counter (OTC) and prescription-based COVID-19 test kits. Our multilingual teams assist patients in properly administering tests and provide lab-based results. Patients have the ability to secure time with our staff to walk hand-in-hand through testing. 

All of our staff go through point-of-care testing and are up-to-date on all current testing regulations and guidelines. Our teams work alongside test manufacturers to ensure accuracy and assurance for all of our testing patients. All Accelerated Clinical Lab systems and employees are HIPAA trained and compliant.

Courier Service

We deploy our own team of couriers positioned across the state of Wisconsin. These couriers run daily routes to provide laboratories with fast, dependable sample deliveries. Using our own Laboratories’ courier system has allowed for faster turn-time for testing results. In most cases, our team can provide same-day results to our clients.

Blood Testing Service

Routine blood tests provide valuable information about organ function, diet and metabolism and early indication of illness. Whether you are in the market for standard testing or customizable panels, ACL is here to help! Our offerings include, but are not limited to:

Clinical chemistry panels  |  Hematology  |  Hormone testing

In addition, ACL’s field service team is available to provide phlebotomy services to clients across the state of Wisconsin.

Urine Testing Service

ACL’s urine testing services assist healthcare providers in screening for or monitoring certain common health conditions, such as liver disease, kidney disease and diabetes. We also offer comprehensive testing for the diagnosis of urinary tract infections (UTIs) using cutting-edge technology.

Traditional urinalysis  |  Customized molecular UTI panels

Wound Panel

Recently there has been increased concern among health care practitioners regarding the risk of wound infection not only in terms of increased trauma to the patient, but also in view of the burden on financial resources within the health care system. For the elderly population, the wound healing process is complex. Inadequate or delayed testing can lead to non-healing, chronic wounds especially when compounded by factors such as diabetes, arterial or venous disease and other metabolic deficiencies. ACL’s team of experts understands the importance of diagnosing and treating infected wounds early and accurately for improved outcomes.

Customized molecular panels for identification of common skin and soft tissue pathogens

Woman's Health

Women face diverse and unique health concerns which may adversely affect overall health, wellness and fertility. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:

  • An estimated 75% of women suffer from undiagnosed fertility effecting hormonal disorders 
  • An estimated 1 in 8 women will develop a thyroid condition during their lifetime
  • Over 80% of women suffer from vaginal discomfort each year
  • Millions of new sexually transmitted infections (STIs) occur every year in the United States and all are treatable, most even curable, when diagnosed accurately and efficiently

ACL offers a menu of tests designed to cater to the specific health challenges women face today. Testing includes, but is not limited to:

Comprehensive and customized vaginal health panels  |  STI testing
UTI panels  | 
Women’s health hormones

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